It is Fall! After being on strike for months – I am back to work as of last week. So thankful for the routine again. By October 15 I will get a full paycheque, first since may 15! Can’t wait to start trying to get caught up on bills once again. It’s been a long hard summer financially.
Few lessons learned –
1. Build an emergency fund. I used to have one, back in the day when I was part of a couple. I need to find a way to restart this, no matter how broke I am.
2. House poor – it is time to sell the house. It’s too expensive to live here and I am finally realizing it for sure. My goal over the winter is to get the house ready for sale in the early spring if not over the winter.
3. Routine is necessary. I need it!

Feeling hopeful


Here we are still in full scale forest fire season. It’s been so smokey out that my house smells like a campfire everyday. On Monday we had a huge disaster happen when a local mine tailing pond broke and it has devasted a community about two hours away. No one knows yet the long term effects it will have, or how far the toxins will travel. We are all hoping that the salmon that are on there way won’t be too affected by it if/when it enters the Fraser river. Hoping the fires get under control and we don’t have to see any more devastation.


personally, I’m hopeful for two big things. One, there is an offer pending on my old house and I’m hoping it closes and settles out by fall. Two – bargaining is resuming, and I’m hopeful to be back at work in September. Those are the two big things on my mind. I’m not a very spiritual person but I tell ya, I’m praying these days. 

Happy for some summer work these days. That money will have to be put aside for fall to either survive or play catch up. I’m behind on mortgage payments because my bank doesn’t allow for a break during strikes. As soon as the dust settles, I will be taking all my banking elsewhere. 

July – where did it go


Had a pretty good month around here. Bf dropped the bomb he was moving to Saskatchewan last few days of June. Spent the month decluttering, making plans to possibly list my house for sale. Went for a long road trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan to see the bf. he’s living on the US border and almost to Manitoba so it was a long but amazing road trip. August brings getting ready for fall around here. No road trips planned as of yet

Summer lovin


It’s been a difficult start to summer. No one expected this was going to be the way it is. Haven’t seen an regular paycheque since April now. May was about $600 short, June I got paid about 20% of my cheque. No hope to return to work in the fall. Despite this, i have had some miracles in my life. A man that loves me. My kids are healthyish. More to come on that one.

Yes a month.


A month has gone by and my blog has gotten little action. Unlike my personal life. Had a few big changes around here.

My oldest turned 17! My god. I sometimes feel that age still. With that came her “n” which in bc means she can now drive alone. She passed the test with flying colours. Within a week though, it became very clear she needed her own wheels. She bought a car, insured it, and I’ve barely seen her since! I sure don’t miss the late night pick ups from work, and I’ve relaxed a bit about stressing. She’s obviously a good driver and I just have to trust she will be fine.

Work has been ok. I have had a student teacher since Feb. 1, and my class is definitely one of the most challenging I have ever taught, never mind a brand new teacher. I’m slowly adjusting to teaching them again as trying to find the balance between work and school. She’s an amazing teacher and will do wonderfully.

Speaking of work. We go on job action starting on Wednesday. Not full scale, because our government doesn’t give us the right to strike. Still – we may have a few days off the job. Which means no pay. As the single income earner in my family, I’m not sure what to do about this. I am in debt and have no emergency fund at the moment.

Ex has listed our old house but it was valued at much less than we thought. After renos, legal fees, etc I will be lucky to walk out with 30 or 40 thousand. I wish and pray it would sell today. With mill closures here though, I’m not sure how long it will be on the market

On that note. Good news is it is a long weekend. My snow is mostly gone. I will have all weekend to finalize reports for my student teacher, hopefully do some raking, and enjoy above zero temps.

Happy Easter!

Springish break


It’s spring break for me this week. Halfway through, and I’ve accomplished a bit of things. I have my garage almost totally cleaned out. Took back about $200 in empties, with another $115 to go back tomorrow. That’s a winter worth of collecting. The extra $$ went on my line of credit. Other than that, I’ve just been puttering around the house. Cleaning little things here and there. I had some big ambition, such as painting, that has not happened. I still may take down the wallpaper in my room if I can find a reasonable way to remove the ugly border easily….

We still have a ton of snow here. It is melting thanks to just above freezing temps. It sure is nice when the sun shines, and I am definitely looking forward to the snow being gone. It feels like forever since I’ve seen green grass. Part of living in the North I suppose.

Financially I have not made any good gains. I did my taxes, and hope to have a refund by the end of the month. I have it marked already to pay utilities, an extra car payment, and then some debt repayment. No fun trips, etc. for me. I am going to see Florida Georgia Line next month. Super excited and that will cost me a couple hundred $$. Hotels are very expensive around here, and of course there is eating out and probably a little partying to do!

More debt down


My friend owed me $140 for concert tickets so that went straight to my credit card this week. Although now I have to call the CC company because I made the payment to my card I lost… I’m hoping it will still go through and isn’t lost somewhere. Silly me, I should have just paid it to my line of credit. Oh well.
My daughter paid me back $50 she owed me and I also put that on the cc.

I’m trying to get better at putting it straight to debt instead of letting it sit